Express yourself through art with this Visual Arts Workshop from Destigmatize

10 March 2023
Team MyndStories Written by Team MyndStories
Team MyndStories

Team MyndStories

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Ever felt painting was therapeutic? Or do you set aside time to do some coloring to help you destress?

Art has long been used as a form of healing. Combine that with the guidance of mental health facilitators, and there are immense benefits to be gained.

Sounds interesting? 

Then, join the free Visual Arts Workshop from Destigmatize in Bangalore on Sunday, March 12th. In this peer-to-peer workshop, you can explore your thoughts and emotions through creative expression. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a trained artist, you can move through your journey of self-expression and process your feelings through art in this safe and supportive environment. 

Destigmatize is a safe space run by a group of individuals passionate about breaking down taboos around mental health. Lived experiences on mental health are precious. Your story deserves to be heard; your mental health journey needs to be shared. And Destigmatize helps you do that. 

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Details of the workshop

Where: Queen Victoria Statue near Cubbon Park, Bangalore

When: 12th March, Sunday, at 11:30 am

Cost: Free

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