What are we looking for?



Currently, MyndStories is open to features or stories on topics such as:

  • Therapy
  • Parenting
  • Gender
  • Relationships
  • Well-Being
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Mental health clinical disorders

This is not an exhaustive list. Please feel free to write to us content@myndstories.com for pitches.

However, we are looking for impact-driven stories. We don’t want a Top 5 Ways to Combat Anxiety blog piece. It’s OK if you write that, but we would rather you consider different ways to add more value to your piece. Consider quoting from mental health professionals. Or specialists in the field. Or even individuals willing to talk about their mental health journey.

We don’t publish original research. We are more magazine-like. We are more journalism-based.

Articles tend to be around 1,000-2000 words (they can be longer on arrangement with the editor).

Please note that writing to MyndStories implies that your story has not been published elsewhere or is considered for publication elsewhere.



Know someone who is creating a buzz in the mental health space? Pitch that to us, and we would be happy to have a profile or Q&A interview.



So, we love reading. And we want to read more books that shape our lives. Don’t just think about ‘reviews.’ Share with us interesting pitches on ‘What to read if…’ or ‘A book that changed me.’ You get the gist.



If you would like us to review a book, please do get in touch as we would always love to hear exciting voices.


Opinion Pieces/Insights

If you are a mental health professional or an expert in the mental health industry and would like to contribute your experience, please write to us. We would be happy to hear.


First-person essays

If you have a story, then tell us! Tell us about your work. Your life. What your typical day looks like. That bully in school. That person you fell in love with. We love conversations that can help us look deeper into ourselves and what makes us human.

Why not? Why not be part of a platform driving change? We are small but growing. You are writing for impact. You are writing for diversity. Conversations. Views. Thoughts.

Once you get in touch with us at the email above, we will give you a detailed briefing. Please note that we do not accept all pitches and may not respond to all queries or submissions. We are a small team, and we try hard to reply to everyone, but it may not always be possible. See the stories on our site to get a feel for our style. And well, that’s it!

All submissions are subject to editorial control. We like to make this a collaborative approach, where we try to retain your voice and intent without sacrificing quality. Suppose a particular story is not up to our standards, lacks originality, and does not meet the objectives laid out in the content brief. In that case, we may ask you to revise the piece. If everything looks good, we then prepare the story for publishing. All stories come with your byline.