We put our content through a stringent process. We have a team of trained writers. Not a huge team. But just enough for us. Not all of them are subject matter experts. Didn’t we say we want to be inclusive? So, we provide writers with the tools and training to help them write actionable and useful content for you.

Yes! We have a team of reviewers who check all content for factual accuracy. This team includes therapists, MDs, and psychiatrists.

We have a styleguide in place. We have guidelines for how to write for mental health. We ask our writers to rely on credible sources. This includes data or statistics from journals, studies, government websites, and non-profits. We ensure that you find the research at the bottom of each article on MyndStories.

We accept it humbly. We try our best. But we can slip up. If you point out an error in our content, we will flag that immediately and ensure that it’s rectified immediately.