Upcoming Spaces

Why Spaces work

Facilitates support

Facilitates support

Because we are all connected. Because we are more together. When we use that togetherness, we foster support.

Facilitates support

Makes you feel less alone

By talking with a group of individuals who are going through what you are also going through, you feel heard. You feel seen. You feel like you aren’t alone.

Facilitates support

Gives you a voice

You develop self-awareness by listening to others with similar issues or problems. You develop communication skills and relate to others and yourself in healthier ways.

How Spaces work

Sessions can be held weekly or fortnightly, depending on the facilitator.

We restrict the group size to not more than 15 members to ensure comfort and ease in numbers

Some of our Spaces start from as low as Rs 2,000 for 4 sessions. That’s Rs 500 per session – way lesser than the price of a typical therapy session, and almost certainly less than a coffee for two at Starbucks.

All our facilitators are skilled at what they do – they are mental health professionals or professional life or fitness or communication coaches.


Become a Facilitator

Become a Facilitator

As a Spaces facilitator, you get to participate in professional development opportunities, connect with other passionate facilitators, create impactful sessions, and lead the way to make mental healthcare more accessible and affordable for Indians.