We can all take action and prevent suicide

Content warning: This page mentions suicide.

In 2021, around 164,000 Indians took their lives, the highest since 1967. The suicide rate is 2.5 times higher among Indian men than women. But India also has some of the world's highest numbers for female suicide. World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) falls on 10th September, an initiative begun by the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP). This is an opportunity, every year, for people across the world to join hands in support of those who have lost someone to suicide. It's an occasion to raise awareness about suicide and work towards preventing it as much as possible.

This year's theme for WSPD as set by the IASP is 'creating hope through action'.We can do that by sharing stories and experiences. We can do that by being kinder. We can do that by starting conversations and giving people confidence to take action and build a better future.

Know that you are not alone

Suicide is preventable. With education, prevention, support, and the knowledge to foster wellbeing, we can help people gain confidence. We can help people support someone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts. We can identify someone who is struggling.

At MyndStories, we strive to break the barriers of stigma, and bring more focus on this pressing issue. Let's raise awareness together through our experiences and stories. Let's facilitate conversations.

We invite you to share your story, lend your support, join our webinars and support groups. And don't forget to read, watch, and listen to the inspiring stories we have below.

Stories of hope

You are not alone

Life can get heavy sometimes

"Life can be challenging but you're not alone" - Gita Jagannathan

Your life matters. You matter.

"Someone out there is thinking about you" - Ashiish V Patil

Hold on, you're never alone in this struggle

Know that you are not alone

Take action. Share your thoughts. Champion hope.

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