Become a reviewer for MyndStories

Our reviewers are driven about making a difference in people’s lives be it mental or physical health. They are subject matter experts who are committed to bringing out voices and increasing awareness with clarity and veracity. They are meticulous about data, passionate about the latest research, and expansive in their knowledge.


Here’s what being a reviewer means:


  • Ensure that our content is accurate and factual
  • Flag wrong statistics or data
  •  Assess the content for complex jargon and help us break it down further for easy readability
  • Highlight something that’s missing or portions that can do with additions for further clarity

Requirements for a reviewer

Are you a certified therapist or a counselor?
A trained mindfulness expert?
An academic teaching psychology?
A qualified clinical psychologist or psychiatrist?
Are you a qualified doctor?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, we are excited to have you on the MyndStories Review Panel!

You will play a critical role in preserving the integrity of our content, suggesting improvements and ensuring timeliness.

Benefits of Being a MyndStories Reviewer

We know, this must be the question topmost on your mind. Being a part of the MyndStories Review Panel benefits you in different ways.


Expand your learning


Expand your learning

You will be exposed to the latest news and research across different segments in mental health. Isn’t it the most effortless way to stay updated?


Gain professional exposure


Gain professional exposure

We list you on our site complete with your profile and other details. Leverage the chance to increase exposure to your practice and expertise and gain more recognition.


Be a changemaker


Be a changemaker

As a mental health professional, you must already know how it feels to add value and make a change in someone’s life. Build on that. Feel rewarded, enhance your wellbeing, and find fulfilment by being part of the MyndStories community.


Be an inspirational figure


Be an inspirational figure

MyndStories has a diverse audience, which includes teens. You might just be the kind of figure - experienced and accomplished, yet kind and grounded enough to contribute in such a big way for us - who would inspire that shy teen with bold dreams to evolve into a shining individual.


Showcase your expertise


Showcase your expertise

Along with your profile you get a page containing all the articles you’ve reviewed. Add this personal review index page to your portfolio, and use it to show your knowledge and domain authority. Bolster your reputation among peers and also attract prospective clients.

Want to become a Reviewer?

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Words matter. It’s these words that become our stories. And you become part of every powerful story we write.