From MyndStories Team

MyndStories wants to be the resource that India turns to for mental health. We want to create content that empowers Indians to take decisions that enrich their mental well-being. When it comes to content, we understand how important it is that you trust us. That the content you are reading only has your well-being in mind.

We get that. We do

To do that, we have strict editorial controls over the content. We want you to rely on us for accuracy, clarity, and authenticity. Having said that, we are not a non-profit. Our site relies on advertising and sponsorship to drive revenue. Not all of our revenue comes from these two sources, as we try to generate business through corporate wellness workshops. We are a business. But we are not a hard-hearted business.

This is our promise. We retain full editorial autonomy over all our content. We might write about our sponsors. But we would not allow them to influence our content. Whenever we offer branded content or a partnership-driven campaign, we will inform you of this content with clear labeling.

And when we do have such branded content, we still run it through the same editorial checks we do for all our content. It might be sponsored by a corporate, but you can trust us that the content still goes through fact-checks. It’s still verified. It’s still vetted in-house.

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Meanwhile, here are the basic guidelines we follow in our advertising policy:

We accept ads after review

We determine the type of ads that will be accepted and displayed on MyndStories properties. This means that we will reject any ads at any time and for any reason. We also reserve our right to determine the appropriate placement of ads on MyndStories properties.

This also means that we will not accept any ads that harm others, are biased or discriminatory, and which contain any fraudulent or deceptive material. We will label an ad as an advertisement. As mentioned, branded conten from our sponsors will be identified as such.

Ads are not an endorsement

Some of our ads may direct you to certain products or services. This does not mean that this is an endorsement of the product or service from MyndStories. Our site also features curated therapists and although we take utmost care to curate these profiles, it does not mean that MyndStories advocates any of the services either. We may also feature certain products you can buy directly from our site – once again, please know that while we curate all products, we do not endorse them. We undertake these ratings or reviews with editorial control and would let you know if there are sponsored links or affliate links on any of these ratings. In some cases, MyndStories’s editorial team may review certain products such as an anxiety journal or mental health books or services offered by startups.

We always distinguish between sponsored and non­-sponsored content.

MyndStories seeks sponsorships from non-profits, corporates, and startups. These sponsorships help us survive. They also help you, our reader, by providing you with services and products that may benefit you.

All sponsored content is vetted by our in-house team. Whenever we create such content, be it branded content or sponsored content, we will take all steps necessary to ensure that the reader is not confused with our original content and the sponsored one. MyndStories may present advertising messages, advertisements, or sponsored posts on all its social media channels.

Affiliate program (e-commerce links in MyndStories content)

We also sometimes may include links to certain products on our site and in our stories. This is part of our editorial team’s approach to providing useful content. At other times, our e-commerce store will have products chosen for their support for mental health. We want you to know that we may receive a commission if you click or buy any of the products or services on our site. This does not hamper our editorial integrity.

We distinguish content that is part of a Partner program.

Occasionally, MyndStories will work with products, services, or organizations that align with our mission. All of this goes through our internal quality control system because we are committed to presenting only the best to our readers. However, we do not offer a medical review of the content provided by our partners, and we are not responsible for the actual experience or quality of the products or services. If we receive a payment on your purchase of such products or services from our site you may receive the following information: “MyndStories and our partners may receive a portion of revenues if you make a purchase using a link above.”