The incredible resilience of life with Geetha Balagopal

The incredible resilience of life with Geetha Balagopal
Hosted by Smitha Murthy
 Smitha Murthy

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| 29 March 2023

TW: This episode mentions suicide. Please find a list of helpline numbers here with the Suicide Prevention Helpline Directory (India).

In this new episode of the MyndStories Minis, Smitha Murthy talks to Geetha Balagopal, Senior Program Manager at ASQExcellence.

In 2022, Geetha wrote a moving LinkedIn post, which went viral. That post was about her daughter, Priya Balagopal, who died by suicide. “I would like Priya to be remembered for how she lived and not how she died,” she wrote.

This conversation is not just a remembrance of how Priya lived but also a gentle invitation for all of us to question how we are living. Are we living lives of joy and purpose? These aren’t easy questions, but in asking those questions, we know that the answers will come.

Quote from the conversation

“I always see the good in people.”

We talk about

  • Consciously looking for the good in people.
  • How nature can heal.
  • The power of grief and the enduring power of joy.
  • Resilience.
  • Being kind. Despite everything.

Geetha’s bio

Geetha Balagopal is the mother of two lovely daughters. She lives with her husband in North Carolina, US.

Born in India, Geetha is a passionate mental health advocate, following her daughter Priya’s own advocacy. She believes in living a life of kindness and is determined to contribute all she can to reduce the stigma around mental illness.

Connect with Geetha


If you would like to contribute to the Priya Balagopal Fund, please click on the link here.


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