Understanding your child’s emotional journey

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April 19, 2024

12:30 am to 1:30 am IST


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Do you find yourself questioning why your child isn’t as open with you despite your efforts to be their confidant?

Are you experiencing moments of confusion or concern about your child’s behavior and emotional well-being?

You’re not alone.

Parenthood and children bring much joy and love. But it’s not without challenges.

Join this insightful session, where Mahalakshmi Rajagopal, psychologist and certified POSH trainer, helps you navigate the complexities of your child’s mental health.

The session will be online and aims to provide practical strategies and valuable insights to help you support your child through various challenges.

What to expect in this session

Participants will:

  • Understand common worries and questions you may have as a parent regarding your child’s behavior and emotions
  • Learn effective strategies for fostering open and honest communication with your child, even during challenging times
  • Gain insights into navigating the various stages of your child’s development, from childhood to adolescence, and how to adapt your parenting approach
  • Understand the impact of excessive screen time on children’s mental health and explore strategies for promoting healthy technology habits
  • Have an opportunity to ask questions and receive advice


Participant FAQs

When will I get the event access link?

We will email you the link 1-2 days before the event

Is this event for all ages?

No, this event is only for adults.

What is the focus age of the children for this event?

12 years and above

Can someone else attend the event in place of me?

No, as it would be difficult for us to keep track.

Can multiple people watch the webinar with me?

No, only the named participant can take part.