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May 18, 2024

10:00 am to 12:00 pm IST


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What are MyStories? These are monthly community gatherings where we sit down and gently talk about life.

These are informal gatherings. Some will be facilitated by a mental health professional. Some not.

But the objective is one: Can we speak? Can we have a conversation with each other? Can strangers meet and part as friends?

This session is hosted by our volunteer and MyndStories Ambassador, Garima Behal. 

Garima is a marketer who writes for (a) living. She is an eternal optimist and a hopeless romantic who loves languages, books, sunsets, songs, and airplanes. She travels the world searching for places and people with whom she can find herself.  One day, she dreams of a world where no one is a stranger to another and where our stories bring us together in a shared kindness and understanding. 

What to expect from this session:

A typical MyStories event has a theme around which we open up and share our stories. For this event, the theme is ‘Telling Our Stories’. 

Stories are powerful forces that help us build bridges and get closer to each other. In the process of understanding someone else, we begin to understand bits and pieces of ourselves, realizing how similar we are underneath such varied exteriors.

We’ll answer questions related to our childhood, young adulthood, and now; then weave them into a story—our story—to share with everyone. 

Don’t worry; you won’t have to share anything you don’t want to. In fact, you can come and be a fly on the wall, simply soaking in the warmth and light as stories, memories, journeys unfold around you.

“We are increasingly living in a connected but lonely world. I see MyStories as a community-led movement that will eventually draw us together through the power of stories. Of conversations. Of holding bridges for connections.” – Smitha Murthy

Why this session is for you:

If you are yearning for deep conversations in a safe space. If you are looking to foster meaningful interactions that go beyond social media likes. If there’s a space in your heart for your heart to showcase its voice. 

What this session is not:

  • A dating session
  • A networking meet-up
  • Startup something or the other

This is a listen-and-learn-and-connect session. 

The cost is Rs 299 and includes 1 small carton of juice for each participant 🙂 

Feel free to bring your own water, snacks, and munchies for yourself and others.

Please bring pillows, cushions, backrests, fidget toys, huggable teddy bears, dog-eared books, or other comfort items as you deem fit. (We’ll provide bedsheets since we’ll be sitting on the forest Cubbon Park floor, in communion with nature). 

Where is the session being held?

Cubbon Park, Bangalore

Namma Metro: Cubbon Park station is the closest.

Meeting point:

Gather by 9.45 am, at Bandstand at Cubbon Park.

Participant FAQs

Why the cost, yaar?

Because we need supplies to conduct the sessions.  And we run a business. Think of it this way: 100% of your proceeds go toward mental health. 

I can’t come. Can I get a refund?

The best-laid plans can go awry. DM us if that is the case. But we can’t always promise a refund because we block slots, and you may be taking away someone’s space. 

Is this event for all ages?

No, this event is only for adults.

Can someone else attend the event in place of me?

Well, if they are equally interested and understand the purpose. 

Can I ask for phone numbers?

No. Please respect each other’s privacy. Soliciting numbers is not allowed without explicit consent.