Menopause: Navigating the journey together

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Undergoing emotional ups and downs off late? Struggling with weight gain? 

Menopause is associated with a host of issues like brain fog, hot flashes, anxiety, mood changes, and many others. 

And often, women struggle to understand or grasp the vast number of changes that’s going on in them. 

Menopause need not hamper your quality of life. With understanding and taking some simple steps you can gain control over your mind and body.

In this workshop facilitated by Dr Sravanthi N, MBBS, MD OBGYN, we give you an in-depth understanding of menopause, its symptoms, and how you can manage it successfully. 

  1. Welcome and introductions (5 minutes)
  2. Understanding physical symptoms of menopause (10 minutes)
  3. Sharing and discussion (25 minutes)
  4. Q&A session (10 minutes)
  5. Personal care affirmations (5 minutes)
  6. Closing remarks and resources (5 minutes)

What to expect in this session

  • Know how hormones change a woman’s body
  • The physical symptoms of menopause in detail – night sweats, weight gain, dry skin, stiff joints, etc.
  • Potential complications that happen during menopause – Vaginal inflammation, painful intercourse, osteoporosis, urinary incontinence, and others.
  • Sharing and discussion
  • Encourage participants to set small, achievable goals for managing their menopausal symptoms.
  • Summarize key takeaways from the session.
  • Share relevant resources, such as articles, books, or websites, that participants can explore for further information and support.

This is a group support session, brought to you in association with Cranberry Fit. This is a safe space for people to engage in conversation around the topic of menopause.

It’s a space for people looking to share their stories, talk about their experiences and connect with others who might have had similar experiences.

You are welcome to engage as much as you feel able and are willing to. The aim is to find strength in sharing and discover resources to help you emerge stronger.

The benefits of a support group

Support groups help you

  • reduce loneliness and anxiety
  • mitigate your distress and emotional fatigue
  • know that there are others like you and lean on them for support
  • talk openly, express your feelings without feeling judged
  • improve connections with loved ones
  • gain hope through others’ stories and experiences

Come, join in.

Participant FAQs

  • When will I get the event access link?
    We will email you the link 2-3 days before the event
  • Is this event for all ages?
    No, this event is only for adults.
  • Can someone else attend the event in place of me?
    No, as it would be difficult for us to keep track.
  • Is the event recorded?
    No, this is not a recorded event
  • Can multiple people watch the webinar with me?
    No, only the named participant can take part.
  • How many participants will be there in the webinar?
    We are limiting the webinar to under 15 for quality one-on-one interactions