Exploring mental wellness with nature poetry

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Do you turn to painting when you feel stressed or are going through some anguish? Or perhaps journaling? Or writing poetry?

Artistic and creative outlets are cathartic and some of the best tools to discover deep-seated emotions. They can be revelatory in their clarity.

Join Reshma Ashar, a psychotherapist, nature guide, and poetry enthusiast, on this expressive and exploratory journey. Let your creativity flow, as you craft poems inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Deepen your connection with nature, and express your inner thoughts through the beauty of words.

 What to expect in this session

  • Express your unique bond with nature through poems, art, or any creative means.
  • Establish meaningful connections with fellow nature enthusiasts.
  • Pause, reflect, and express your thoughts to improve your emotional wellbeing, confidence, and stability.
  • Inspire change from within and promote healing and personal growth.

Benefits of poetry for mental health

Research shows that reading and writing poetry can help reduce feelings of loneliness and increase coping skills for anxiety and depression.

Poetry has also been shown to benefit those going through grief, pain, and cognitive dysfunction, among other issues.

What to get for the event

  • A pen or pencil and a blank book or journal to jot down ideas, observations, and draft poems.
  • Colored pencils or crayons for adding color and vibrance to your poetry or sketches.
  • Nature-inspired objects like leaves, flowers, shells, or stones for inspiration.

Participant FAQs

– When will I get the event access link?
We will email you the link 1-3 days before the event.

– Is this event for all ages?
No, this event is only for adults.

I couldn’t make it to the event. Will I get a refund?
– Sorry, we cannot offer refunds. However, we can share a glimpse of the session through summarised pointers three days after the event. If you wish to receive them, please email us requesting the same.”

– Can someone else attend the event in place of me?
Let’s try. We understand that life happens.

– I have never written a poem, can I join?
Yes, the idea is to connect with nature and express through various creative mediums and slowly share what comes to you as a flow.

– Will my poem be shared on other platforms?
A consent form will be sent to you via email before sharing any of your poems.

– Is the event recorded?
No, this is not a recorded event.

– Can multiple people watch the session with me?
No, only the named participant can take part.


Ms Testimonials

I had a wonderful therapeutic experience through the nature poetry workshop with Reshma Ashar. She helped me tap into my emotions, channel my creativity, and be mindful 🙂

Ms Testimonials

Apoorva Ravi

Writer, Teacher, Mental health advocate

Ms Testimonials

Reshma leads the sessions beautifully and draws out our unique self-expressions in a gentle, encouraging way. Her nature poetry sessions are a very creative, comforting, open, and heart-warming class. Thank you, Reshma, for these offerings

Ms Testimonials

Kelly O'Brien