“The MyndStories Podcast” is among FeedSpot’s top 15 mental health podcasts

21 February 2024
Team MyndStories Written by Team MyndStories
Team MyndStories

Team MyndStories

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Time to celebrate. 

The MyndStories Podcast has been selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 15 Mental Health Podcasts in India. It ranked 5 in a list that features globally recognized podcasts like the Masala Podcast and Spread the Light with Dr Devika B. 

Feedspot is a curator and compiler of podcasts, blogs, websites, and other media channels. The MyndStories Podcast secured a spot on this list after a review by their panelists.

“We are honored to emerge as the fifth among the top Indian mental health podcasts curated by Feedspot,” said Swati Nair, co-founder of MyndStories. “With this podcast, we aim to reduce stigma, raise awareness, and provide hope to those struggling with mental health issues. This recognition from Feedspot affirms that we are making a difference.”

The MyndStories Podcast covers issues like depression, anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, mindfulness, and more. It covers segments like The MyndStories Minis, The Poetic Pause, The Mynd Readers, The Therapy Room, and The Dear Mynd Podcast

Guests on the MyndStories Minis, for instance, share their personal mental health journeys while experts on The Therapy Room provide insights on managing mental health issues. The podcasts on MyndStories cover all aspects of mental health with the goal of letting listeners know they are not alone.

With these podcasts, MyndStories aims to provide information and build a community around issues that are often stigmatized. The goal is to create meaningful dialogue and facilitate more access to resources in the mental health space.

The complete list of Feedspot’s Top 15 Indian Mental Health Podcasts can be found here. More information and episodes of The MyndStories Podcast can be found here.

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