Talking kindness with Nirmala Peters-Mehendale

Talking kindness with Nirmala Peters-Mehendale
Hosted by Smitha Murthy
 Smitha Murthy

Smitha Murthy

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| 6 July 2023

How can we make kindness the focus of our life?

Is it even worth it?

What’s the difference between being kind and being taken for granted? Or people-pleasing? These were some of the questions that Nirmala Peters-Mehendale answered. This was a joyful conversation that shows us that mental well-being is also this: being kind and taking care of ourselves and others as best as we can.

Quote from the conversation

“I find joy in giving. In people. You meet such genuine givers in this space”


We talk about

  • What it means to ‘joyfully adapt’
  • How to adopt kindness in our lives
  • Being an introvert
  • Choosing self-care with kindness
  • 5 ways to embrace kindness in your daily life
  • The kindness framework

Nirmala’s bio

Nirmala Peters-Mehendale is the Co-Founder and Director of Mind Movers Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. A lifelong advocate of kindness, she is actively involved in the not-for-profit sector, and places kindness at the core of everything she does.

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How do you incorporate kindness in your life?

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