Patenting life with Shalini Sitaraman Menezes

Patenting life with Shalini Sitaraman Menezes
Hosted by Smitha Murthy
 Smitha Murthy

Smitha Murthy

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| 21 July 2023

A free-ranging conversation this one, touching on life, parents, childhood, friendship, boundaries, and self-care. It’s not often that two people can meet on a podcast, and walk away as friends. But that’s what happened.

Quote from the conversation

“I get this comment saying that sometimes it’s okay to let go and chill and enjoy and laugh. And why does every conversation have to be a life or death conversation? And I’m asking myself, if it’s not a life or death conversation, what kind of a conversation is it?”

We talk about

  • Coping with our childhood
  • Solitude and loneliness
  • Intense friendships
  • Establishing boundaries

Shalini’s bio

Shalini is the Founder and Director- Patented.Network at IP Crafters Advisory. She is also a Consultant at the World Intellectual Property Organization. Shalini frequently talks about IP protection, valuation, and commercialization, loves her books, and quiet time, and lives in Goa.

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