Pranav Varma: Confronting social anxiety to unlock authentic relationships

Pranav Varma: Confronting social anxiety to unlock authentic relationships
Hosted by Ankit Narasimhan
 Ankit Narasimhan

Ankit Narasimhan

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| 18 April 2024

Socializing can be great –  it can help build connections, it helps you learn from different perspectives and it can help take your mind away from a bad day.

It can also be challenging, especially if you go through social anxiety because it can force you to face your imperfections. If you’re unable to be comfortable in your own skin, things can spiral downwards very quickly because people are bound to judge. And attaching your self worth externally is never a great idea.

How do we work through this? We understand more in this episode with Pranav Varma.

We discuss

  1. What social anxiety feels like and where it stems from.
  2. Pranav’s journey of dealing with social anxiety.
  3. Navigating through the feeling of not belonging and not being accepted.
  4. Authenticity and strengthening sense of self.
  5. Connecting with people and building more meaningful relationships.
  6. How parenting influences social dynamics down the line.
  7. Social skills that you can hone in on.

Pranav’s bio

Pranav Varma is a counseling psychologist and psychotherapist who has a private practice in Hyderabad. He graduated with a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Christ University, Bangalore. In terms of methodology, he finds himself drawn towards psychodynamic and relational frames of thought with a particular interest in working with groups.

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