Anmol Arora || Becoming your best version through resilience and growth

Anmol Arora || Becoming your best version through resilience and growth
Hosted by Ankit Narasimhan
 Ankit Narasimhan

Ankit Narasimhan

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| 22 March 2024

Entrepreneurship is a roller-coaster. It’s a journey that takes tremendous courage to even start because there’s nothing guaranteed.

In a lot of ways, it’s a great metaphor for life. It teaches you life lessons – how to fail, how to handle adversity, and how to get back up.

Ultimately it’s worth it because you get to truly make an impact on people’s lives.We explore the intricacies of this journey with Anmol Arora – CEO and Co-founder of DocVita, a telehealth company that connects people with therapists and psychiatrists.

We discuss

  1. The story behind DocVita.
  2. Anmol’s take on finding meaning and purpose in life.
  3. How he deals with the fear of external judgement and failure.
  4. Managing possible mismatches of drive and work-ethic among his team.
  5. What the best version of himself means to him.
  6. State of mental health care in India.
  7. Anmol’s biggest learning till date.

Anmol’s bio

As the Founder of DocVita, Anmol is passionate about connecting individuals with the right doctors & therapists and supporting startups by helping them prioritize their team’s mindset & mental health.He is an IIT Indore alumnus from the class of 2016.

Before pursuing his startup full-time, he has worked as a Trainee at CERN(European Centre for Nuclear Research) in Geneva, Switzerland. He is an expert in marketing & fast product-led growth.

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*Disclaimer – The content in this podcast is only for educational purposes. It cannot be considered as individual therapy advice or counseling and is not to be taken as medical or mental health advice.