Sheba Devaraj || How to Stick With Your Goals – Ep. 02

Sheba Devaraj || How to Stick With Your Goals – Ep. 02
Hosted by Ankit Narasimhan
 Ankit Narasimhan

Ankit Narasimhan

Ankit Narasimhan is a software engineer by day and a stellar podcast host by night. In his spare...

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| 5 August 2022

In our second episode, we talk to Sheba Devaraj, a fitness instructor, nutrition specialist, and state level powerlifting champion from Chennai.

You have to believe in yourself…it’s your life and what you’ve gone through is purely personal only to you.

We discuss

1. How to navigate uncertainty and stick to your goals
2. How fitness plays a big role in nurturing mental health
3. Tips on how women can overcome biases and stereotypes to emerge strong
4. Successfully shifting careers no matter the age
5. Managing family expectations
6. Staying consistent while embracing change

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