Sameera Kamulkar || How Mindfulness Helps You Break Unhealthy Habits – Ep. 04

Sameera Kamulkar || How Mindfulness Helps You Break Unhealthy Habits – Ep. 04
Hosted by Ankit Narasimhan
 Ankit Narasimhan

Ankit Narasimhan

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| 5 August 2022

What is mindfulness? How does it help you in daily life?

In the fourth episode of the MyndStories podcast, Ankit Narasimhan talks to Sameera Kamulkar, a mindfulness coach and practitioner about how mindfulness can be a powerful tool to transform yourself. Adapting mindfulness as a way of life helps cultivate healthy habits and puts us on the path to change and Sameera shows us how.

The biggest gift mindfulness has given me is that it’s allowed me to find my pause button. With that pause button, I have experienced one total space of rest, which is such a big gift.

We discuss

1. Sameera’s journey in mindfulness and the mental health space
2. Defining and understanding what mindfulness is
3. Why is change and healing so hard?
4. How can mindfulness help with change and healing
5. The science behind how and why mindfulness works
6. Other than meditation, what are some other ways to practice mindfulness?
7. How mindfulness can make an impact in your life

Guest bio

Sameera Kamulkar has earned her coaching credentials from The Leadership Circle Group and is a trained facilitator from DDI. She is also certified by UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center to lead the Science of Happiness course. With a career that spans 25 years in Training and Human Resources, she has led organizational change and facilitated professional and personal growth.

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In what ways has mindfulness made an impact on your life? Write in and tell us –


The science of neuroplasticity

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