Majority of Indians ready to swap high-paying jobs to prioritize mental wellness, survey

8 March 2023
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by Madan Thapa
Madan Thapa

Madan Thapa

Madan S Thapa is a healthcare consultant and also a seasoned pharma editor, with over 10+ years...

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Stressed at work? Would you rather be in a job that didn’t pay as much but gave you less stress? 

You’re not alone. A global survey from UKG, a US-based workforce management firm, has revealed that 88% of Indians surveyed would gladly take a job that paid less if it meant more mental peace. Worldwide, 64% of employees admitted they would rather take home less pay than continue to be stressed in high-paying jobs.

Overall, 60% of employees across the world agree that their jobs made the biggest impact on their mental health with managers having equal effect on mental wellbeing as spouses at 69%. 

Investing in resources, including technology, can help employees deal with their mental well-being, which is integral to the stability and sustainability of an organization,” says Sumeet Doshi, Country Manager, UKG India to the Financial Express.

It appears that the workplace has been a source of anxiety and stress for Indians for a while. In a 2022 report by HR solutions provider Genius Consultants, 77% of employees felt stress induced by the workplace was a leading cause of anxiety and depression. Around 82% of individuals surveyed for the report believed that health issues like gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal disorders were a direct result of work-related stress. 

Mental health issues at the workplace have only been growing over the last few years, and we hope more such surveys highlight the need for initiatives to counter them.

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