The one with the shadows

The one with the shadows
Hosted by Srividya Sivakumar
 Srividya Sivakumar

Srividya Sivakumar

Srividya Sivakumar is a reader, a teacher, and a...

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| 22 September 2023

Dear Mynd aims to create and encourage conversations around mental health. We do this through stories and that simple fact that connects us all; our human experiences. We are, after all, our stories. And our stories are us.

This episode of Dear Mynd explores the theme of conforming to a norm, and the difficulty of being your own person. It uses a story- The Dance of Shadows by Sharath C George – to touch upon a range of themes such as the influence of teachers, the quiet strength of a child, the importance of the creative mind, the debate between science and arts, and what it means to be a person with a different point of view.

Details of the episode

  1. The pressure we place on children.
  2. There is no one way to look at anything.
  3. The damaging effect of resignation in a child’s life.

Meet the host

Srividya Sivakumar is a reader, a teacher, and a speaker. But what really occupies her mind are those strange things that come hardbound or within soft paperbacks or on a device.  Books. Yes, she’s a self avowed bibliophile and a firm believer in the magic that 26 letters and a few punctuation marks can create.  A critically acclaimed poet, TEDx Speaker and a Voiceover Artist, Srividya believes in using her voice as a vehicle – one that drives change, sparks conversations, inspires calm and encourages you – to slow down, one story at a time.

Author bio

Sharath was diagnosed with ADHD at 35. Soon after, he quit his job, and found a new path as a freelance writer, marketing consultant and fledgling entrepreneur. His story, The Dance of the Shadows, placed second in the Write Away contest organized by MyndStories.


To Read:

  1. A Book of Light: When a Loved One Has a Different Mind– Jerry Pinto
  2. Driven to Distraction (Revised): Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder by Edward M. Hallowell M.D. and John J. Ratey M.D.
  3. Stories for Kids Who Dare to be Different – Ben Brooks

To Listen

  1. My Way – Frank Sinatra
  2. Dalla Dalla- ITZY
  3. Elizabeth Taylor- Clare Maguire


How do we encourage a person to be themself?

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