Reviewing FuturSelf: AI-based resilience testing tool

15 November 2022
Chaithra MJ Written by Chaithra MJ
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Chaithra MJ

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Ankita Magdani Reviewed by Ankita Magdani
Ankita Magdani

Ankita Magdani

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Can you predict your future? 30-40 years from now?

Without a crystal ball?

And yes, without a time machine?

Well, Deep Longevity believes it’s not difficult to predict the future. All you need is some historical data.

Deep Longevity is a Hong Kong-based biotechnology company that conducts deep-rooted R&D on longevity and aging using AI. 

With Dr. Nancy Etcoff, an internationally renowned psychologist and faculty member of Harvard University, Deep Longevity has released a free self-help application, FuturSelf, to help individuals optimize their well-being.

MyndStories tried the application to let you know what we feel about FuturSelf.

The science behind the tech

How I tried FuturSelf

Before starting the assessment, the software asked me to enter my name, age, and gender. Age and gender information are compared to other people’s profiles, and the name is to identify reports once they are completed.

The first screen of the assessment, called ‘Describe yourself’’ is the core of the assessment. Your psychological profiles are created from the answers to these questions.

“Tell us a bit about yourself. Be honest to yourself and try not to overthink. The first option you come to think of is usually the right one”.

This is because analyzing questions defeats the purpose of being candid and could alter the results. It tackles questions on your ability to handle situations, your approach to life, your goals, the kind of person you are, and how satisfied you are with life.

Quite a lot of questions there. Phew. Once done, the below screen appeared.

There were 8 sections varying from self to human interactions, goal-setting, and confidence.

The first set of questions was about how open we are with our support system (our family and friends). The second section, called ‘Life Satisfaction,’ dove deeper into our perspectives of society, life, and beliefs. The third section, Confidence, had some interesting questions on influence, judgment, people’s opinions, our place in the world, etc.

After the third section, the below screen appeared.

The fourth section was about ‘Goal Setting.’ It tackled questions about our experience with achievements, disappointments, and our perception of success. The fifth section, ‘Human Interactions,’ had questions on social relationships and how others perceive us. 

FutureSelf AI

It’s great that they inform their users of their progress; it enhances user experience.

The sixth section was interesting. It was about ‘Open-mindedness’ or our experiences and learnings. The next section was about ‘Being Organized,’ which will assess whether we lean more toward being organized, carefree, or both.

The last section was about ‘Sense of Duty’ or social responsibilities.

After clicking the ‘proceed’ button for the final section, I waited eagerly to know my future self with FuturSelf.

FutureSelf AI
FutureSelf AI

The results were interesting, and I had to sign up with my email address to understand them in detail.


FutureSelf AI

The report discusses two important parameters used to gauge our well-being – psychological age and psychological age group.

Our psychological age is the age group that best describes our mindset. People with a high psychological age have better relationships with those around them. On the other hand, younger people are more driven and focused on the future. People’s personalities and motives change as they become older. Younger people favor future-focused pursuits, whereas elderly folks favor emotionally fulfilling pursuits.

“We have compared your psychological profile to typical profiles of people from different age groups. Your psychological pace of aging is normal if you are most strongly matched with your current age group. Matching with younger age groups can be a sign of low autonomy and emotional immaturity. Matching with older groups may be a sign of low energy and lack of purpose in life.”

FuturSelf says our goals and level of coping ability with life’s adversities are key factors in determining overall mental health. It uses the popular Ryff scale that describes one’s well-being as six distinct parameters.

  1. Positive relations with others
  2. Purpose in life
  3. Personal growth
  4. Self-acceptance
  5. Autonomy
  6. Environmental mastery

Each of these sections explains what a high score and low score mean, along with tips to enhance the score. 

The AI algorithm at FutureSelf analyzes our responses and generates a ‘Mind Journey’ for us! ‘Mind Journey’ is a customized self-improvement program designed to enhance our current and future well-being. The recommendations are provided by professional psychologists and selected by FuturSelf based on the results of our psychological tests. Every journey has 18 suggestions. We can retake the survey once we finish the journey to review our progress.  The ultimate goal of this exercise is to help us reach our potential and lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

Pros and cons of FuturSelf


  • FuturSelf offers tips, suggestions, and a map to enhance all aspects addressed in the report
  • Ease of use. The software is designed to be easily navigable and includes user-friendly content
  • Encourages wellbeing. The designers of FuturSelf encourage users to be more focused on their present and develop better habits to build a better future


  • We must sign up on the website to view the complete report. This could put off a lot of users. 

Overall it was an interesting, intriguing, and insightful experience. Ready to evaluate your well-being? Take the assessment now.

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