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Ankita Magdani

tick Content reviewer | Mental Health Therapist and Mindset Coach

Ankita Magdani is a Mental Health Therapist, Career, and Mindset Coach based in Dubai.

She holds a Masters in Business Psychology and Coaching.

Ankita graduated in Clinical Psychology from Mumbai University, and has a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Counseling, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

She is also a Neuro-Linguistics Programming Master Coach, and trained for Psychometrics Test User Ability and Personality (BPS registered License Number: RQTU 568490).

Ankita has more than a decade’s experience in people skills. She has been practicing therapy for 4 years.

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“I am warm, sympathetic and understanding of our flaws, taking a marked interest in individual and their personal lives. I view my mental health practice from the lens of my experience: I am deeply aware of the importance of making mental health a priority in our lives.”
Ankita believes everyone should have a safe and healing place to work through life's difficulties and she seeks to provide that safe space through her work. Her aim is to support people shift their perception so that they can live a life full of integrity, meaning, freedom and choice. As a therapist, she works with people experiencing anxiety, depression, disruptive behaviors, relationship challenges, stress, and self-esteem. Ankita also runs employee workshops on enhancing productivity, tackling burnout, building resilience, etc.

Her approach to therapy

Ankita takes a collaborative approach to therapy as a client-centered therapist.
“My aim is to fit the therapy to the client and not the client to the therapy. I help people find their values and purpose in life and help them align goals accordingly. I do this using Neuro-Linguistics Programming. NLP works with the language. And my job is to surface the language the client uses especially for their negative self-talk. Apart from this, I also utilize CBT and Hypnotherapy.”
Ankita also works with high-performers, executives, and professionals looking to gain peak performance but are feeling stuck. She uses the mindset coaching approach with them. For both career coaching and life coaching, she applies psychometrics to provide a framework for her clients to work on. Not only does she travel inwards, but she is also extremely passionate about traveling the world. She has traveled to more than 50 countries over 6 continents.

Ankita takes online sessions through Zoom. You can also find her on a Buck-up Platform to book an online session here.