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Aanya Wadhwani

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Aanya Wadhwani (She/her) works as a trauma-informed and queer-affirmative therapist based out of Mumbai. Aanya completed her post-graduation in Applied Psychology with a specialization in Clinical and Counselling practice from TISS, Mumbai, and graduated in the same field from the University of Delhi. She also received a Couple and Family Therapy certification from TISS, Mumbai.Aanya has more than 5 years of experience in people skills. She has been practicing therapy for over a year now, with a keen interest in helping people through the trauma they have experienced.

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“People have an inherent ‘Self’ present in them - a compassionate leader, a warm companion, a witness to all the highs and lows, and the pain and joy. My work is to help the ‘Self’ of a client to come through and take their rightful place.”
Aanya believes that a strong therapeutic relationship and a wide array of techniques are key to helping clients. It is not easy being vulnerable in front of someone else - she considers it an honor to be invited into the lives of her clients. She attempts to curiously delve into the unique narratives that clients present, with a systemic and sociocultural lens at all times. Her aim is to create a unique environment with each of her clients, marked with respect, equality, and unconditional acceptance. Her areas of expertise include but are not limited to complex trauma, relationship concerns  (family, peer, and intimate), gender-based violence, and sexuality/sexual identity-related concerns.

Her approach to therapy

Aanya adopts a queer-affirmative and trauma-informed approach, which is inherently client-centric.
“It takes courage to name our experiences to ourselves, let alone a therapist who is essentially a stranger (even though their profession lends them credibility). I find it fascinating how this act of strength is often missed out on, and I try to bring it to the notice of the person in front of me that they can hold both pain from their experiences and immense courage to walk through it.”
Aanya strongly advocates using trauma-informed language and concepts introduced by Internal Family Systems and the Theory of Structural Dissociation. She is an avid self-learner, with the help of her own trauma-focused therapist, a trauma-focused supervisor, and loads of books in her e-library. Find Aanya here: IG | LI

Aanya takes online sessions through Google Meet. You may scan the QR code below to get in touch with her directly.