High levels of bad cholesterol detected in 31-40 age group, survey from Healthians

7 October 2022
Nikitha Warriar Written by Nikitha Warriar
Nikitha Warriar

Nikitha Warriar

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Healthians, an Indian health-tech and diagnostic company, recently studied anonymized data from blood tests performed on 2.66 million people, aged 20 or above, from over 250 cities in the country. 

The study revealed, three in every ten Indians have abnormal levels of cholesterol in their blood. 

Additionally, six in ten Indians have abnormal levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol aka bad cholesterol. Sixty-nine percent of people in the age group 31-40 have abnormal levels of LDL, making them the group with the highest levels of bad cholesterol.

Throwing light on this result, Dr. Sonal, Head of Lab Operations, Healthians, said to The Hindu, “This could be an indication of high-stress levels at this age. This is one of the reasons for the increasing number of cardiac arrests these days.”

Consumption of junk food and a poor diet leads to an increase in LDL levels, thereby increasing the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. As per the study, Vadodara showed the least risk for heart disease, and cities like Mysuru and Bengaluru showed the highest risk. 

The study also revealed that 36% of Indians had abnormal levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) aka good cholesterol. In comparison to men, women had more abnormal HDL levels. However, men had more abnormal levels of LDL and total cholesterol. 

Deepak Sahni, Founder & CEO, of Healthians, hopes that their comprehensive study highlights the need to focus on heart health better. He added, “Analyzing such data can be of huge help to not just regular people, but also to healthcare professionals and policymakers to better design solutions and initiatives that can improve India’s heart health.”

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