Robert Brace || Transforming Yourself Mentally with Fitness – Ep. 07

Robert Brace || Transforming Yourself Mentally with Fitness – Ep. 07
Hosted by Ankit Narasimhan
 Ankit Narasimhan

Ankit Narasimhan

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| 2 August 2022

In the latest episode of The MyndStories Podcast, we talk to Robert Brace, a personal trainer and a celebrity wellness expert, about how fitness is tied to mental transformation and emotional wellbeing.

Self love is not selfish. Self love is self full. And that means putting yourself in a position where you can be fully 100% who you are. Refreshed. Revived. Energized. At peace. And then when you’re giving to others you’re giving from a full cup because you can’t serve out of an empty cup.

We discuss

  • How Robert bounced back from a career threatening back injury.
  • How transforming our body can help in transforming ourselves mentally.
  • Robert’s holistic approach to training which includes the mind and the body.
  • How to prepare ourselves to embrace discomfort and push ourselves out of our comfort zone.
  • Digging deeper into the concept of self love.
  • How Robert wants to make an impact moving forward.

Guest Bio

Robert Brace is a personal trainer, celebrity wellness expert, and founder of the Brace Life Studios located in New York, where he works on mind-body transformation. He was selected by as one of the top one hundred voices in wellness and is known for his holistic approaches to training which infuses ‘inner work’ with physical workouts. Check out Brace Life Studios here.

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