The MyndStories Minis || Ep: 07 How to do the things that bring you happiness

The MyndStories Minis || Ep: 07 How to do the things that bring you happiness
Hosted by Smitha Murthy
 Smitha Murthy

Smitha Murthy

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| 26 August 2022

In this episode of The MyndStories Minis, Smitha Murthy talks to Sameer Somal, an entrepreneur and founder of Girl Power Talk, about nurturing young leaders, girl empowerment, pursuing the things that bring you happiness, and how to have a purposeful life.

I don’t think success is not necessarily a key to happiness but I think being happy is a precursor to success

We discuss

  1. The different factors that drive true happiness.
  2. How to find the courage to find the things that give you purpose.
  3. Sameer’s journey in discovering how happiness and work are not always related.
  4. Understanding how happiness is the precursor to success and not necessarily the other way around.
  5. How to transform your present by rewriting your failures
  6. Sameer’s 3 key secrets to happiness

Sameer’s Bio

Sameer Somal, is the CEO of Blue Ocean Global Technology and co-founder of Girl Power Talk. He is also a keynote speaker who is a passionate advocate of transformation – both digital and human. Sameer is a firm supporter of diversity and inclusion. He is strongly committed to education, empowerment, gender equality and nurturing the potential of young minds.

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