Of fears, flaws and finding acceptance with Shailya Jaggi

Of fears, flaws and finding acceptance with Shailya Jaggi
Hosted by Smitha Murthy
 Smitha Murthy

Smitha Murthy

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| 31 May 2024

Have you ever had a deep, unguarded conversation with a stranger that left you feeling unexpectedly connected? That’s exactly what happens in this unscripted episode of the MyndStories Minis.

Smitha has an intensely candid discussion with writer Shailya Jaggi about life, fears, relationships and finding happiness – without any plan. What starts as casual introductions leads to candid reflections on childhood experiences, insecurities, evolving family bonds and the universal quest for self-acceptance.

We discuss

  • The vulnerabilities and insecurities of pursuing an unconventional career path 
  • How childhood experiences and unstable family situations force you to grow up quickly
  • The transformation of mother-daughter relationships from traditional to deep friendship
  • Redefining friendship – the importance of vulnerability, granting second chances, and quality over quantity of connections
  • Long-standing struggles with self-doubt and insecurities
  • Sharing fears like abandonment
  • Equating true happiness with acceptance

Shailya’s bio

Shailya is a writer and a marketing enthusiast who knows how to weave brands, people, and products into stories.

She believes stories have the power to bring good things. And she loves to bring them alive through her writing, scripting, and voice-acting.

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