Being vulnerable and open with Shantesh Row

Being vulnerable and open with Shantesh Row
Hosted by Smitha Murthy
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| 2 July 2024

In this deeply personal and moving episode, we sit down with the witty copywriter Shantesh Row for a raw, unscripted conversation about vulnerability, the beauty in melancholy, life’s struggles and everything in between. 

From navigating professional setbacks to confronting personal demons, Shantesh opens up about his journey with refreshing honesty and unexpected optimism. 

We discuss

  • Recent business setbacks, including the loss of a 15-year client relationship 
  • The concept of “living one day at a time”
  • Shantesh’s struggle with self-blame and the process of internal dialogue
  • Shantesh opens up about his 22-year marriage and discusses fatherhood
  • The impact of losing his father as a 12-year-old
  • How music serves as his go-to coping mechanism
  • the importance of being vulnerable and encourages us to find the “able” in “vulnerable”

Shantesh’s bio

Shantesh Row is the Chief Creative Officer at Slant Advertising, an ad agency he co-founded in Dubai. He describes himself on LinkedIn as a: Storyteller. Quizzer. Once upon a time opening batsman and offspinner. Tried to be a Chartered Accountant. Knowledge seeker. Trivia miner. Single Malt connoisseur. Horror film maven. Interpreter of maladies. Wannabe chef. Facebook avoider. Twitter hater. Opinion junkie. Pink Floyd lover. Intense mood-swinger. Novel-in-the-making-for-ages writer. Bathroom crooner. Sit down comedian. Voyeur of life. 

We think his description is way better than anything we could come up with.

Born in Mumbai, Shantesh is based in Dubai and has an affinity for LinkedIn influencers, cows, consistency, and copies, in no particular order. The link to his top-rated copywriting workshop is below. 

No LinkedIn personal branding experts and influencers were harmed during the making of this show. 


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