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The one with gratitude

This episode of Dear Mynd explores the lasting effects of good deeds and how kindness and gentleness brings joy to everyone

11 January 2024 |

Vaishnavi Madarkal: Embracing the challenges and superpowers of ADHD

Ankit Narasimhan talks to psychologist Vaishnavi Madarkal on The Therapy Room delving into the complex world of ADHD

10 January 2024 | The Therapy Room

1. Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

Srividya Sivakumar brings the beauty of Mary Oliver's poem "Wild Geese" to life through her magical and effective reading accompanied by a short reflection on it.

4 January 2024 | The Poetic Pause

Talking neurodivergence and life with Akshay CM

Smitha Murthy talks to Akshay CM about life through all the invisible disabilities and finding joy in everyday conversations and interactions

3 January 2024 | MyndStories Minis

From page to screen: Where books meet movies

Swati Nair and Srividya Sivakumar dream about buttered popcorn and cold coffee as they talk about books and movies and the indelible connection between the two

14 December 2023 | The Mynd Readers

Kanika Choudhary: Understanding emotions for a better life

We talk to Kanika Choudhary, Lead Clinical Psychologist at DocVita about examining our inner selves with curiosity and compassion

7 December 2023 | The Therapy Room

Finding poetry in pain with Garima Behal

Smitha talks to writer Garima Behal about why vulnerability is essential, how to pull yourself out of dark places, and lots more

30 November 2023 | MyndStories Minis

The timeless magic of classics

Srividya Sivakumar and Swati Nair dig deep into what makes works of literature unforgettable and how mental health is portrayed in them

23 November 2023 | The Mynd Readers

Words within us with Shreya Ramachandran

Smitha talks with author Shreya Ramachandran about writing, books, and simple ways to manage anxiety, including meditation.

8 November 2023 | MyndStories Minis

Dear Mynd Podcast Trailer

Introducing Dear Mynd podcast with Srividya Sivakumar. Dear Mynd aims to create and encourage conversations around mental health.

7 November 2023 | Dear Mynd | Stories with Srividya Sivakumar

The one with soul

This episode of Dear Mynd explores themes of resilience, hope, courage, and recognizing the ability to control our fate

2 November 2023 | Dear Mynd | Stories with Srividya Sivakumar

Sanchita Agrawal: Breathing through life’s challenges

In this podcast, Sanchita Agrawal from Docvita shares insightful tips and grounding exercises to calm ourselves in difficult situations

25 October 2023 | The Therapy Room